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Behind the Scenes at ShamefaceTV
posted August 13, 2006 by bobdroid
Hooray, some video finally. Watch below or download higher quality versions for your iPod, Sony PSP (2.00 or higher firmware needed), or cellphone. You can also check out the trailer for ShamefaceTV here.

Flash player by Jeroen Wijering. Download alternate versions below:
Download this video for your iPod  Download this video for your Sony PSP  Download this video for your cellphone

Popular Garbage by Us

It SucksIt Sucks
This simple Flash animation was made before shameface ever existed. Weighing in at less than a megabyte and containing no music or sound whatsoever, it was promptly rejected by everyone I submitted it to. It was created in about three weeks time, while I was supposed to be helping kids learn Flash. God I hope they didn't learn anything.

When Bawls Burst
added November 15, 2004 by bobdroid
Why you should never freeze your Bawls

Garbage We Like by Other People

Distorted View Daily
This is possibly the most vile, sick, twisted audio program ever created....which means it's right up our alley. Definitely not for the faint of heart, anyone easily offended or under 18, or those who enjoy keeping their lunch down on a Tuesday.

This......unusual take on our first President by Brad Neely is completely inappropriate for schoolchildren (or those of you in an office setting). Especially British Children. Also check out Neely's other videos at SuperDeluxe.

Toothpaste for Dinner
Strange web comic. Poorly drawn and simply amazing. Sound familiar?